Marmalade Studio Fabrics



Bird Egg Range 


Robin Blue, Finch White and Kestrel Flax. Comes in 150cm wide 235gsm or 280cm wide 200gsm


Plover, Plover (reverese side) and Emu 150cm wide, 200gsm.


Robin Blue, Finch White and Kestrel Flax, in crumpled (washed) finish. Comes in 142cm wide, 240gsm or 260cm wide, 200gsm.


Plover and Plover (reverse side), crumpled (washed) 132cm wide, 200gsm.


White heavy weight and Flax heavy weight, both crumpled (washed) 140cm wide, 415gsm >20000 rubs.

‘Precious Vessels’

Marmalade Studio’s printed range. A collaboration with Penny Stotter.


Grey on White


Mustard on White


White in Robin


White on Kestrel